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 Ken's Greenhouse started with my wife Velma and i in 1972. Our first building was 8'x16', sold out of two barns, and displayed plants in the driveway. At first we only sold annuals and made up combination pots for the cemetery. Our son Mark would deliver planters or grave blankets to the cemetery.

During the first few years I would get flowers from my dad who owned Porter’s Greenhouse on the corner of Flushing and Lavelle Road. We picked up a lot of customers from there.

Velma and I would drive to Saginaw to get plants from Keit’s or Stormer's Greenhouse, stay the night, and then drive home the next day. We did this for several years.

In the winter we would make grave blankets and wreaths. Velma would make them by hand and then decorate. This was a real family business and the kids helped out with the waiting and transplanting.

Velma and I ran the greenhouse with our son Mark until 1995 when he married Kay Provost. They took over the greenhouse so we could semi-retire. Kay has two children and they also helped work in the greenhouse. We helped out with the greenhouse for quite a few years after that since I just could not stay away. I love to be around plants and people and helping make the decisions with growing.

Mark started growing his own seeds for the year which cut down the cost of going and getting the plants. Mark and Kay put up there first building in 1995. It was 20'x50' and it housed the geraniums and hanging baskets. In 1996 they put up a new sales building, followed by what is called the “big building” in 1999 which houses a lot of the tomatoes, cold crops, and hanging baskets. In 2005 they put up another building called #4, which is our sales house for special plants like fuchsias, non stop begonias, etc. It seems like every year there would be a new addition to the place.

We have grown to be quite well known with customers from all over the United States. Velma and I are not helping out in the greenhouse now but still think about all the good times we had making a place the community could come and get a plant home grown and healthy.

~Ken Porter

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