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Delivering to many Flint and Genesee County Area Cemeteries


For the past several years Ken's Greenhouse in Flint has created and delivered beautiful grave blankets to local Flint and Genesee County Cemeteries (see delivery list below). We offer a variety of sizes and options so you are able to select the perfect grave blanket this holiday season. Please contact us with any questions you may have, and see below for more details on the grave blankets we make.

Grave Blankets - Single Size
Deluxe Grave Blanket $70

Includes 4 painted flowers, 4 painted cones, and deluxe bow

Regular Grave Blanket $59

Includes 4 small flowers, 4 brown cones, and regular bow

Plain Grave Blanket $51

Deluxe Pillow $53

Includes 3 painted flowers, 3 painted cones, and deluxe bow

Regular Pillow $46

Includes 3 flowers, 3 cones, and regular bow

Plain Pillow $38

Grave Blankets - Double Size
Deluxe Double Grave Blanket $150

Includes 6 painted flowers, 6 painted cones, and 2 deluxe bows

Regular Double Grave Blanket $125

Includes 6 flowers, 6 brown cones, and 2 regular bows



Delivery Charges
Sunset Hills $10
New Calvary $10
Crestwood, Flint Memorial Park, Evergreen, Flushing,  $15

Bows are available in red, dark blue, light blue, dark purple, light purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, fuchsia, black, white, burgundy, brown, gold, peach, lime green. Please specify your desired colors at time of purchase.

Plastic Poinsettias are used in the grave blankets, with silk flowers available on a special order basis.

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